Google retiring ‘Google Reader’ service

Google announced this morning that they are killing off Google Reader as of July 1st this year.

Google Reader will not be available after July 1, 2013

Google Reader will not be available after July 1, 2013

Apparently there has been ‘a decline’ in users so they’re shutting it down as part of some ‘spring cleaning’…

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Facebook now lets anyone message you (and no, as usual this isn’t optional)

Facebook have done it again, this time removing user control over from whom they receive messages. The ‘who can send you Facebook messages’ setting is going away; now anyone can message you, whether you want them to or not.

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Bullshit Ipsum

Bullshit Ipsum

need some Lorum Ipsum style filler text, but wish it could instead be marketing speak?
Bullshit Ipsum has your needs covered.

iTunes 11 – proof that it is possible to polish a turd.

iTunes 11 is here, and oo it’s shiny. The album grid is neat, the expanded album functionality of said view is very slick (especially the matching of colours to the album art), and the category buttons instead of the sidebar make things much neater.
Oh and it finally gets a usable miniplayer and the ability to queue up tracks, y’know, like Winamp had about a decade ago?

However, underneath all that prettiness it still fails as a music player. I shall be keeping a list of all things that iTunes fails at (especially things that worked in previous versions, but have now been either fucked up or intentionally removed, for the sake of new prettiness) Continue reading

Taking the ‘opt’ out of ‘opt out’

When is ‘opt out’ not ‘opt out’? Simple- where there really is no ‘opt’ at all.

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How to Stop Facebook from Sharing Your Location When You Update Your Status

How to Stop Facebook from Sharing Your Location When You Update Your Status

is facebook suddenly posting your location along with your status updates?
didn’t ask you if it could? didn’t tell you it was going to start doing so? sounds about right.
can’t find anywhere in the settings that allow you to turn it off? but of course.

have a gander at this article then. (or the TL;DR – when posting (before submitting a post that is), hover over the little greyed out location under the post and click the ‘x’ or ‘remove’)

call this a public service announcement after i just noticed Facebook pulling this shit with me.

my experience of Microsoft’s chat help

or should i say so-called ‘help’.
aside from being kept for 5 or ten minutes between replies, all i got from the twit on the other end was copied and pasted links to generic help pages… when i pointed this out and asked for actual help, the chat session was terminated.

here’s the transcript:
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